Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Month- Dark Side of the Moon

2013 is already a month down. Thankfully, the Mayans were off and it is always great to be alive!

I am about to go 'unplugged' for a month as part of my year long plan/resolutions for 2013.

Instead of one big yearly goal- I have decided to pick 1 month challenges that will deepen my walk with God, help me grow spiritually, mentally, physically, socially......

I always want to be a better husband, dad, coach....etc

I have to count January as a success. I did two specific things that I enjoyed tremendously.

The First THING was an experiment with a "Whole Food 30 Day Diet"- not for weight loss, but just a desire to eat healthy. Inspired and officiated by my daughter, Melissa, I have gone 30 days of eating no processed food. That includes no bread, dairy, legumes, sugar- and I feel really good about that.

I want to plug her blog on the subject: Finding The Whole Truth Blog by Melissa Mathews

We discovered some great 'superfoods' in the process- Bok Choi became one of our favorite staples...especially in soup made up of tomato sauce with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.
Also we had a spaghetti made with spaghetti squash that was just as good as the regular dish without the bloated feeling you have afterward.

As many of you know who followed my weight loss program- I do not weigh in during the month of January- so I don't think I have dropped weight on this diet, but my clothes feel a bit looser and my guess is that I lost my holiday binge weight.

The 2nd THING was completing my month long tribute yo Coach Bryant- that was a lot of fun for me!

Now February approaches and here is what I am going to do and is why you will not hear from me for the rest of the month!

My 2 Goals in Feb. is a  FACEBOOK FAST (all social media) and strict adherence to MY FITNESS PAL APP for 1 month.

So beginning 2/1/13 I will not log onto facebook, twitter, linked-in, or my blog. It is all going dark.

I want to replace it with some quality time in prayer and Bible Study.

The motto is: "In February, No facebook... so I can better seek HIS FACE and read HIS BOOK."

I will still have to check e-mail for work reasons and that is the best way to contact me:

I will return in March to write about the process and I am under no illusion that the world will miss me. It will go on without even a glance.

By the way- I don't have an issue with social media- it is a a valid stream of the marketplace of culture. I believe we should engage all of these venues in living out the message of hope in Christ because of what He has done and not what we have done.

Blessings to you and hope to update on March 1.

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