Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ending the Year Right- An Update

Hard to believe we are about to hit November!

The last few months have not been easy as far as keeping up with my goal of having a devotion for every day in the year!

The last two months will be:
November- Hide Them in Your Heart- 30 Days of Memorization

I have selected 30 (fairly short) but important New Testament verses. I will write a short devotional for each one. I also can send you a PDF of the verses that you can use to help in memory. E-mail me at and I will send it to you.

Keys to memory:
  • See it
  • Pray through it- meditate
  • Say it
  • Write it
  • Repeat it all day
  • Review them throughout the month
December- A daily walk through Revelation: Winding Up as Things Are Winding Down

Running.... Has Been Up and Down

I did 14 miles last Saturday and felt awesome- but have been fighting a virus all week and haven't had the energy to even finish football practice.

Fishing... Been a Year for Big Bass!

And the blue swim jig has been the bait. Every big fish I caught this year was on the same lure..and the hook broke off right after i caught this one- it was sad to see that lure go!
How about this for an October bass!

Hope to report again near the end of November... always need your prayers.. I have many areas of need... hoping to finish strong!