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Memories at Mitchell

On Wednesday, July 23 I had an amazing day.. one of those I needed to journal about.

My old Pelham neighbor, Greg Vinson, has a son on the Troy State Bass Fishing team whose name is Nolen.

I saw Greg recently and we caught up and he asked me about my days fishing down ay Lake Mitchell. This resulted in Nolen and I going on a scouting, practice fishing day on Cargile Creek!


In about 1986, my dad purchased a trailer, rented a boat slip, and put a small john boat on Lake Mitchell. It was stationed out what then was called 'Inman's Camp" and today is known as Gracie's Marina.

Because our little boat only had a trolling motor, I spent 3 and a half years fishing just about every pocket of that creek.

With the help of our neighbor, Bob Liner, I learned a lot about that creek and kept a bass journal for 2 years!

Because I worked for the church back then I was off on Monday's. I spent about 2 solid years going to the Lake every Sunday afternoon and Monday morning- year round.

Fishing techniques were about as simple as you could use. I only fished buzz baits, spinner baits, Texas rigged worms, jigs for crappie, and occasionally a small 'Little George' when the bass were schooling in the sloughs.

These were the old standbys in the late 80's, early 90's for me!

The thing that helped me about fishing the same water in all weather and seasons was I began to see the pattern of fish and it wasn't long until I could go and find them.

On the river, you average about a bass an hour- but I caught some nice ones in those days! No navionics, no depth finder, nothing fancy. But I did mount my one and only bass in those days.

I caught this on an August morning in 1987


So when Nolen and I went last week- it was a flood of memories. My dad sold his place in the early 90' I had not visited the creek for almost 20 years.. just going into those places again brought great memories!

I also had the privilege of observing on the Hummingbird what made all of those old spots so good!

It was cool how everything looked the same!

And we caught some NICE fish, especially for a hot summer day.

What made Cargile such a good place to fish was a lot of grass near deep water and good structure. The entry into the Creek is guarded by tow nice rock points and sea walls- we had good early activity there.

I wanted to spend a little more time in the creek channel itself- the Hummingbird showed some nice opportunities where the water rose from 30 ft to 10 or 12 in just a few yards!

The back of the creek was holding good bait fish and again, there is deep water structure way back into the creek!

I'm fishing more techniques now... caught my two big fish on a swim jig. That has really paid off for me this summer!

Just a beautiful, good day down memory road! I jope the work pays off for Nolen and he does well in his upcoming tournament.