Saturday, May 31, 2014

Burn out City- May was a Struggle

Talk about limping in.

I was having an amazing month and I even did well at the end of the school year- but an emotional graduation for Melissa, a foot injury, and I almost gave up on the whole project... even as late as last night.

The only good news is that I felt the contrary winds die down this morning- went on a pain free easy jog and will leave on a week long vacation later today... just in the nick of time.

An emotional graduation:

I was so proud of Melissa and her accomplishments. She gave an amazing speech at graduation as the Salutatorian. She finished, jumped in a car for the beach, came back- jumped in a car to go to orientation at Alabama- and is trying to get all the last minutes in with her boyfriend before he leaves- so it has been tough.

All of my girls have really done well- Julie is working hard as a nursing intern this summer- working those 12 hour shifts. Because she is a Princeton- she is praying for patients and having patients pray for her! She will be an amazing nurse and is about to enter her final year at Samford.

Leigh Ann got her driver's permit yesterday and made all A's on her report card.

I am a blessed man.

A Big Step Backwards:

You can see it was a great start- including some great hard long runs: 8.08 and 7.59.

But I did not eat well at all. After hitting an year low- I just got fatigued on salads and when my schedule gets changed... my diet usually suffers.

Then on Tuesday, May 27 at football camp, I strained the arch on my right foot demonstrating a pass route and I was IN PAIN for 3 days trying to finish camp.

I was very anxious because we are going to be on a hiking trip next week. But it did feel fine today.

But the damage was done- no exercise 27/28/29/30 and it impacts me emotionally and eating wise.

But I am excited about June... I get to get away and hope to come back full of zeal and passion.

I did get to keep my Bible reading and blog posting going.... but if I am honest I will tell you that I was deep into a give up mode.....

I understand how some men get mid-life crisis. The late nights where you think... "man, this is not working".

Just like the Psalmist in Psalm 73....

But, God is good- He heard me and I know He is helping me.