Friday, April 08, 2005

Spring for a Football Coach

T.S. Eliot wrote that "April is the cruelest month".I've been amazed at how busy my work is these past few months. Football is a year-long endeavor for a coach. I have been interviewing coaches for staff needs we have - Meeting with current coaches for plans about off season workouts and spring football (May 9) - writing communications to parents and players about spring and summer plans- tracking players who are scattered all over- 8th grade, track, soccer, baseball, work - etc. We try to keep tabs on them and get them in weightroom as much as possible.
I've also been meeting with youth coaches and our parents who have questions or concerns. There is a lot of misinformation that spreads so quickly. And of course I do teach.

In all the running around, God has been good to keep peace and endurance. The best help has been a daily Bible reading at crosswalk .com and a more concerted effort to pray.

If I did all of this just for income or football wins- it would be a work in vain. My desire is that my life glorifies God by demonstrating His goodness, including the awesome story of forgiveness through faith in Jesus.

Father, I need Your help in every work for success. All of these concerns about players, parents, plans I commit to You. Thank you for all Your blessings!

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