Sunday, April 17, 2005

The God of Joy and Dread

Happy Sunday morning! It is a beautiful morning in Nashville. This is a beautiful land filled with breathtaking farmland and hardwood mountains- all in full bloom!
My Bible reading this morning was Deut 28- wow- what dreadful images. God promised great benefits to the Israelites if they fully followed Him-but incredible promises of cursing if they did not follow HIm. Many of these passages are dismissed by modern man as ancient stories to scare silly women and children. "God would never do such" they say. But I believe He can and does. He protects His glory and Holiness- that is what a God can do!

We are missing a reverence for God's wrath- and that scares me.

Oh Father, please forgive me and please forgive us. We Do not know what we do. You are a consuming fire and we treat you like a harmless match.

I praise You for the joy and praise You that Jesus has delivered Me from Your side of dread. Please protect and provide a new outpouring of Your Spirit on this land. I want us to be a shining city...not a burning Babylon.

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