Monday, April 11, 2005

The Ministry of Music

As I write these blog posts- I am usually listening to Christian music on my itunes. I really like contemporary christian music and country music. I still listen to my old 80's classic rock, but there is great ministry in the songs of Stephen Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Todd Agnew, Switchfoot, and many others.
I worry about the popular music today- more profanity, violence, and perversity than ever.
Is this just the generational friction? No different than moms hating Elvis? I don't know- I guess the Elvis resisters could predict the outrage of 50 cent.
Country music has become influenced by the "musik mafia" movement. I like the songs that value God, family, and country.
So as I now hear Todd Agnew sing "Grace Like Rain"- I'm thankful for that ministry. I'll sing in my heart to my Savior all day!

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