Monday, April 25, 2005

Clear Boundaries and Reasonable Requests

Scripture is a great balance for our lifestyle choices. Christians do not rely on "good deeds" to earn or deserve salvation. We see faith as a relationship instead of rituals. But as culture continues to slide into depravity, our lines of distinctiveness grow more clear. So, I am making a list of things that I believe are clear and reasonable expectations of believers.
Believers should regularly attend worship that is Christ centered and holds a high view of Scripture.
Believers should regularly study the Bible as the sole authority of faith and practice.
Believers should practice fidelity in marriage and abstain from sexual practice outside of marriage.
Believers' speech should be free from profanity.
Believers should make entertainment choices that show a commitment to glorifying God.
Believers should love,forgive, and laugh- they should enjoy life.
Believers should be hopeful not pessimistic.
Believers should be thankful and have a spirit of gratitude.
Believers should align themselves boldly with Christ and willingly share the good news.
Believers should pray without ceasing.
Believers should love children and seek to protect them.
Believers should be willing to serve others- especially the poor and needy.
I'm sure there are many others....
What do you think? Would this make a difference?

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