Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Make My God Nice, Warm, and Furry

If the culture war and post modern deconstructionism wasn't tough enough- now evangelicalism is getting sniped from within. I'm ten years behind on this one- but open theism has just crossed my radar. It is a new slant on the old desire to explain man's freedom and God's sovereignty.

In this latest spin (endorsed by Intervarsity Press BTW), God willingly restrains himself from knowing and acting in the future based on man's actions. It is His way of dealing with our frailty. He is now "Open" for change based on our ability to lay hold of Him by faith and prayer.

I am no theologian, and I'm sure I could be taken to task in my poor characterization of this well thought out theory- but can I be honest? Do we not get afraid of characterizing a God that we completely understand? I may be wrong- but if I can explain my God, predict my God, put my God in restraints, and have no fear of is very possible that I made Him and He is no more than an idol.
I'm sorry, but the God of Creation is so far above me that I am awed by Him and most of Him is a secret mystery (Deut.29:29). He is completely sovereign and yet uses my choices- He is immutable and accepts my prayers- He is love, but will ruthlessly destroy sin- I can't explain all of that, but I trust His word on the matter.

I am so tired of human extremeism. As I peruse the world wide web, I find fundamentalists who reject all but the King James Bible and liberals who have deleted all theology to whimpers and whims.

There is truth, and it is most true when we are humbled and GOD is glorified!

Dark shadows are growing in our land- the light is dim- I'm saddened when the shades are being pulled down by those inside the church. Lord help us... please.

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