Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cultural Trends

One change that I have noticed over the years is a decline in the area of parent/ teacher/coach relations. I know I am over generalizing and stereotyping, but I do see a disturbing trend.

1) Rapid networking of disinformation and gossip- I am amazed at how many incorrect stories and opinions get tossed around. A lot of times, even good parents create perspectives based solely on the reporting of their teenager.
2) Improper voicing of opinions and criticism- There are a number of vocal parents who do not shy away from making public statements regarding teachers or coaches even in front of students.
3) General intolerance of mistakes- in a society who has adopted tolerance as a main virtue, it is surprising how much of our culture has lost mercy and forgiveness.
4) General feelings of discontentment- there seems to be more alarmist and negative attitudes interpreting situations
5) General lack of trust of authority figures- our culture is not willing to accept the opinion of a qualified expert in their field of knowledge.

We do have some great parents at our school- but if this continues- we will find it harder to work with young people.

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