Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring Football Pt 2

"Acts 5:13 No one else dared to join them, though everyone had high regard for them."

Appropriate verse this morning- we had a coaching meeting last night and our numbers a dwindling- as can happen this time of year. I am beginning my second spring and I feel like that his is my most crucial year. We started with 32 rising 9th graders (now in 8th grade)- but as we get closer to spring practice- their numbers are dropping.

The number 1 reason is fear. It is the best argument for a freshman only team. Even though I would never have a rising frosh go against bigger boys in practice, and I have told them that, they still see a lot of work- possibility of that match-up and they drop out before even trying.

We will not cut them off- but I hope we keep a good % of that group.

This does allow for a little social commentary on parents. It amazes me how often I hear- "I just let him decide"- My dad did not operate that way- and now I love him for it.

Football is a very tough game- it develops tougher people- it is a great game- at our school it is a needed tool.

Lord, no matter how all this goes- I will not doubt Your goodness. Thank you for loving me.

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