Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thankful! 2016 Best Year of Bass Fishing Ever

I am very thankful to have the blessing and opportunity to fish. The following is a documented fish in every month of 2016- all in the great State of Alabama, home of the best bass fisheries in the world!

Jan 2016

Logan Martin Jerkbait
February 2016

Lay Lake Chatterbait

March 2016

Pickwick Squarebill

April 2016

Logan Martin Shaky Head
May 2016

Lake Caroline Scrounger

June 2016

Logan Martin Texas Rig

July 2016

Lay Lake Flipping Grass
August 2016

Neely Henry Swim Jig
September 2016

Lake Martin Carolina Rig
October 2016

Lake Caroline Drop Shot (KVD story)
November 2016

Logan Martin Scrounger (Drought made it a small, tough month)

Dec 2016

Lake Caroline- Jerk Bait

Never would have guessed even 2 years ago that I would be so immersed in the world of bass fishing and by no means am I even a great one. But the potential for learning and discovery never ceases. Learning new techniques and getting better at graphing fish and how fishing conditions change these amazing creatures never seems to get old.... even on the tough days!

God is good!

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