Sunday, June 08, 2014

Zion Park- The Narrows- Day 3

Wed.  June 4, 2014

For rookies- we hit our trip to Zion just right- the Lord was watching out for us.

I liked when we left as far as seeing sites- and the weather was magnificent!

I also liked the order we hiked the canyon:

DAY 1) Emerald Pools with connectors
DAY 2) Angel's Landing- Hidden Canyon- Weeping Rock
DAY 3) Narrows

The Narrows is neat and the water was perfect 58F with air temps in the 80's.

The shoe/sock/stick rental was $22.00 per person and is HIGHLY recommended.

We rented at Zion Adventures on the way to park in Springdale.

Check the weather forecast before you go- flash floods can be a problem.

My only suggestion is to take sandals or chacco's  and wear them all the way down the concrete path and put on the shoes as the water starts.

We went all the way to Big Springs...about 4.5 hours with stops.

There is a side canyon called Orderville just past Wall Street.

 And if I ever did it again, I would just do the side canyon and back.

Take more water and food than you might think- there is nothing once you start up the Virgin River.

This is a water filling station at the park entrance.

Because it is a narrow, slot canyon- the water goes wall to wall for a lot of the hike.

All week we were AMAZED at how tame the animals were. We got close to deer and squirrels.

This is the highest and most narrow part called Wall Street

The entire hike is BEAUTIFUL

Here is Big Springs- the mandatory turn around for bottom up hikers.

You can get a permit though and do the bottom down as well.

Big Springs- a welcome sight! It takes a LONG time to get there.

Going back though is faster because you get to go with the flow.

I felt like we were in a movie... kept expecting to see King Kong come out of the trees!

It took us 9 hours to do our entire up and back.

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