Monday, June 30, 2014

Battery Charger Running- June 2014

If you ever hear me complain, please take a gun and shoot me dead.

The Lord is always so good to me... and this month was no exception.

The trip to Zion Canyon National Park was one that will stay with me for life- thanks to God for having the family together and blessing our travel in every way!

Let's take some of the things I have been working on in no specific order:


It was "FAIR"- travel and summer can take its toll- especially in the area of eating.
With only a month to go until my 50th birthday, it looks like I will likely NOT meet my weight goal. I have reached some peace about that (not necessarily a good thing) but I will re-engage it and not give up.

I will begin marathon training in Aug and I have a weight goal in mind with that.. though it is tougher to do when running long distance.

Blog Posting:

Readers for the Month of June 2014: 2808
Football by Jayopsis- 726
Jayopsis Devotions- 36
Best of Jayopsis- 28

I have really enjoyed my Bible reading and blog writing. It is more as a sense of something that is between the Lord and me and not about readers per se. It is how I learn and remember. I do have a sense of satisfaction that maybe I am helping someone.

Maybe one late night, somewhere on the globe, a lonely or hurting person will be encouraged by God's Word or read the gospel and the Spirit blesses the moment with a conversion... who knows?


We are in high gear- looks like I will be coordinating the offense and coaching receivers. I really like what we are doing from a scheme standpoint and I like the kids in our program.


One of my goals was to develop some new techniques over the summer- and I have done that.

Credit Lance Coggins- I have been using a Pro XL 65 lb braided line with a swim jig and it has really produced for me.

I have worked a little with a suspended jerk bait but I think it is wrong season and I want to continue to practice a square billed crankbait if I find the right depth and set-up.

Thankful to have had some nice opportunities to go after summer bass- it means rising early......

Going into July:

If the purpose of the summer in my line of work is evaluating and re-charging... then June is a success.

July will pick up with work duties...Senior retreat plans....chapels... school prep

and football is loaded with 7 on 7's.

Wish the god stuff could last forever... but time marches on.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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