Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What is Faith?

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. 2 God gave his approval to people in days of old because of their faith. 3 By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God's command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen" Hebrews 11

Are logic and faith seperated? Is faith a blind leap in the dark? Is it an act of irrationality? No- I believe true faith is a confidence that is supported by logic. It is not illogical to believe in the God of the Bible- the One that has created this incredible drama- History is HIS STORY.

What do I know is going to happen? I am either going to die or the Lord is going to come back. I will enter into a life after this life based on the finished work of Jesus. It is a confidence in Him, not in myself to accomplish this. He is my hope in the life to come and this life. I am confident that He is able to keep all of His precious promises to me. He has promised to be a God to me and my seed after me. He protects and provides for me. He blessses me.

This story is reasonable. It is a trust in Him, and not the faulty logic of men. Men who reject this are putting faith in themselves...that is too high a confidence in flesh.

Lord, thank you for the gift of faith!

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