Friday, February 25, 2005

The Morsel of the Moment

"for the happy heart, life is a continual feast." Prov. 15:15b

Praise the Lord- Life is indeed wonderful. Not every day is an exciting day, but every day is a special day. Too often the world sees christians as those people who give up all the fun, to do all the boring. A friend of mine said he used to be afraid that christianity was, "giving up the 7 things you wanted to do, marry a girl that doesn't kiss, and go to Africa and die of mosquito bites."

But the opposite is true. I get to suck the marrow of life every day. Life in Christ is pleasurable- it is peace- it is hope - it is joy. Is it some psychological trick? A rationalization and compromise of a fool?

No- I smile in truth - My youngest daughter put her arm around me this morning - that was cool. We laugh. When I coach football, I feel incredible intensity and excitement. When I ride my bike, I am awed by God's creation.

My life is a continuous feast- I can't wait to see what heaven is going to be like!

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