Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Champions 10 Years From Now

Our school won state titles in 1998, 1999, and 2003. It was truly a magical time of fulfilling dreams. It is hard to describe to pressure, the work, and the joy of putting on a ring. In achieving those dreams, however, it became obvious how true the Bible’s teaching is on earthly rewards.
Jesus said for us to lay not up for ourselves treasures on earth, because they do not last. How true that is. Those titles are fading into history and the rings are beginning to show signs of antiquity. We are fighting hard to recapture the dream, but the glory fades very quickly.
So where does that leave a football coach or a parent? It makes an impression that we should be setting standards and objectives that will last longer than a temporary high of a win. We believe there is a difference in success and achievement.
In the early 1980’s, the University of Miami won a National Championship while Harvard University lost every game that season. Sports Illustrated did a story on where the players were 10 years later and found that a large percentage of the Miami team had gone to prison or experienced other unnecessary hardships while the Harvard players were enjoying unprecedented success in life. Who really won that year? Time shows us the obvious answer.
The same is true of our school. What will we gain if we win the state championship but forfeit our soul? So please understand that we are seeking not only wins now, but wins for your son in life…ten, fifteen, thirty years from now. How do we do that? Here a few reminders for all of us.

#1 We are committed to very high standards of ethics, work, and morality.
#2 Violations of standards will bring consequences.
#3 Great athletes without character will have a hard time getting honor.

How can you help us? Demand the same standards out of your son and seek to model those standards at home. If a son is punished for disobedience or dishonesty or immorality- back that punishment with harsh consequences of your own, and hold to them.
If your son is tempted to quit because of high standards of work or effort- DO NOT LET HIM DO IT. Never let a son quit out of fear or dislike of work.
Let me say again, we do not believe we have to sacrifice wins now to win in life. We have seen that we can do both. In fact, by holding to high standards, we are better now AND we have seen that the program is producing great students, quality leaders, good husbands and fathers, and great community servants.
We do not win them all- but we believe time is demonstrating God’s blessings on the effort.

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