Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Reap the Wind

 "Those who bring trouble on their families inherit only the wind" Proverbs 11:29

I decided today to write about a very troubling topic: drug addiction in America. My brother is scheduled to appear in court soon- a life destroyed by addiction to diladid (sp?). What was a recreational use of mariuana as a teen has him now at 30- broken, hurting, and seemingly without hope.

His 1st experience left him high for hours- at the apex of his addiction, the high was lasting only 15 seconds. To fuel his addiction my brother stole from his parents, shoplifted, protituted himself, and left a legacy of wrecked cars and broken hearts. He is hepatitus riddled and brain impaired. Tatoos cover his needle tracks, but nothing can cover his pain, and he seems unable to break his dependence.

The government put him on methadone, gave him prescription drugs, and called him "cured".

When I try to speak of the power and promise of God, he only draws on the cigarette harder and and pushes me farther away.

The hardest blow of all was the premature death of my mom. Eventually, she is responsible for her actions.But her life and decisions were impacted by a grieving heart for a hurting son.

If you are making choices that are hurting your family, you are throwing your future to the wind and you will reap emptiness and meaninglessness. Are you a teen and smoking pot- do you want to be 30 and have no home, no job, no family, and a future either behind bars or homeless?

I truly believe that when God judges man- there will be special punishment for the dope dealers, the child molesters, and the porn kings. May your destruction be swift and final. The blood of the innocent call out to the God of Justice to show no mercy.

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