Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wonderful Day/ Hard Times

Today was a great day. I had a blast with my wife and kids. One of my blessings is the ability to ride to work with my three daughters. I teach at the school they go to. I feel lucky to share this with them. we laughed and talked all the way to school. I saw my youngest daughter in the hall later in the day. Had a fun time with my wife tonight. It was just a day, ordinary day, but a special day.
It was also a hard day. In taking prayer requests this morning, I found that an elementary dad passed away with cancer. Another family is struggling with a daughter who has anorexia. These things cause us to pray and remember, life is wonderful and tough all at the same time.
We must keep hope. I need to minister to the hurting and laugh with my children. There will be sad days for our family and great days for my family - such is life.
I heard an interesting quote today- "we encourage what we applaud- but be warned- be careful what we celebrate"
Does any of this make sense? Does anyone who might read this believe me? Do you think I am honest- delusional?
I live in a hard world with a weak frame and poor character. Yet I have peace and hope- I have a household of love. In this world of storms and my deceitful heart, I could shipwreck it all. But the Lord sustains and protects me. He has saved me. Some critics say, "From what has He saved you?"- And my immediate answer is...From myself.- But He has saved me from a lot of things.

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