Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Problems of the Mind

I have been reading a lot on the internet lately from the scholars of non-christian world views. These men (and women) have tremendous talent and intellect. They are a lot smarter and more educated than this football coach. In fact, these people can tear christian apologists to shreds.
I have 2 problems with this competition in the marketplace of ideas. 1- The road of logic always ends. The christian experience is more faith and heart. IT IS NOT WITHOUT REASON- but faith is the evidence of things not seen. Even a great thinker like Pascal ultimately had a conversion experience of faith where he saw the heart as being more central than the mind. People who reject christian faith are giving their trust to their logic rather than to God. Is that a good gamble?
2- Non-christians argue from a lack of experience that creates a gap in the opposing worldviews. I can tell you how it was to see my daughter born, but you will never appreciate it until your child is born. Then you KNOW. My experience with Christ is real in Him. He has taken my guilt, my anxiousness, my fear- He and I have an experience that I can tell you about but you will never understand until you experience repentence and faith on your own terms. Until then, you will write me off as a simpleton- too stupid and uneducated- ignorantly holding on to illogical myths and a history of hypocrisy.
So we both go smiling to our grave.... who trusted the right thing? My confidence is in a loving, merciful God who communicated to me - you are trusting in your mind.
The game is on.

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