Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ezekiel 2 Commentary

A few important points:
It was God's spirit that picked Ezekiel up- Ezekiel had been overwhelmed at the vision of God. God commanded him to stand and then gave his spirit to enable the task

It takes toughness to battle toughness- God promised to make Zeke "unyielding and hardened" this was accomplished by God's spirit and God's word

In this age of prosperity and softness- it is easy to mistake Christianity with a powerless and wimpy shell of worthless morality. We glorify God by a sincere perseverence that is up to the task and fierce in battle. Christians should be tender warriors.

We can only have this happen by the internalizing of His holy word and control by His Holy Spirit.

Lord- I need this kind of hardening..a good kind. The battle ahead is tough.

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