Friday, April 18, 2014



its raining and dark this morning- and I think about how it went for you last night

all those years before….

the mockery of hasty courtroom judgements
sleeplessness- hunger- thirst

and you know the time is near… how specific do you know what is about to happen?

What is the balance of your humanity and deity?

Do you already know each bone fragment and shard that will rip out your skin?

Is there a guardian angel to make sure your life is spared in the flogging?
Only to save you to endure more suffering on the tree?

And why am I so numb now?
I know it- but I no longer feel it- except in fleeting moments…

And then I look at Isaiah 53…. 700 years before You walked as a man…

man of sorrows….
taking on the iniquity of ALL..of me!

And you spoke just one word at the end: "Tetelestai"


I remember the tears I shed watching “The Passion of the Christ
but my eyes are dry this morning.. though I feel a depth in my heart.

Strangely, it is more JOY than sorrow…

That is how sweet your grace is!

It is so good- that even if I don’t feel it right now

it is real…. still

And salvation is based on the FACT of your life- death-resurrection

I am legally cleared by my trust in that fact
I am adopted also because it is by faith that I receive Your gift

And Your Spirit is increasing my zeal and power to die to myself
and live for You.

Lord...please reach out to any and all who do not know You yet
Open the eyes of their hearts today

I pray against the enemy who wants them to die in deception and rebellion

And please...come again soon! I long to see You ….

not in your humility and suffering
but in Your exaltation and glory!

In the meantime- give me Your resurrection power to shine a light
Thank you for the cross… my only hope because of my sin and shame


I am so amazed at what you did for me!

In the Precious name of Jesus..The Christ.. The Savior… The LORD


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