Monday, March 31, 2014

'Mediocre' or 'Momentum' March?

Can you believe that March 2014 is done? WOW!

It was an amazing month with my only complaint being the cold weather! But the Lord is good.

Yesterday was a special small blessing... in a paddle boat catching 10 or so small bass. Beautiful day!

March is always interesting- my motto for March is 'mediocre or momentum?' because typically March finds us weary of new year resolutions and a little bit of that 3rd quarter fatigue for those in the school business.

April is always a big year for me personally- it has my wedding anniversary and is the start of MY NEW year (more in line with Hebrew calendar and the support of creation i.e. SPRING)

So March usually finds me burned out..stagnant.. and limping into April kickstart.

But I had a very good March!

Bible Reading:

I am doing the McCheyne plan- keeping a google doc of notes. Each month is its own seperate document and I am sharing it with my wife and children. My goal is to have an entire year of notes from daily Bible reading and going through the whole Bible. So far so good!

Blog Posting:

I have made it 3 months into my goal of having an entire year of devotions. April will be on physical training- May is going to me 'Mission and Calling"- the sumer is going to be a Harmony of the Gospels.

My football site still continues to be my most visited site with 950 visits in the month of March.

Exercise and Eating:

This is all about to get serious "April is the cruelest month" but I am statistically better on March 31 this year than I was last year. But last year was not a good year in this area.

I conveniently skipped comment on the 'eating' but April should be 'better'.


Enjoyed spiritual impact week
Teaching SS is always a blessing (Next Step- Song for the Climb)
Bass Tourney at Lake Guntersville
Ruffner Mtn visit on Spring Break (MCM in NYC)

Neat story:

Had a former student visit me to tell me he had given his heart to Christ. We had a super visit and I am thrilled to see his excitement... makes it worth it!

Melissa decided to go to UA for sure

I hope my next monthly report is positive- April is always important


Wisdom for my 'job'- having to make the right call on these things is impossible. I need the Holy Spirit.
Football spring training is approaching...plans
There is a family that I need to reach out to- 

Lisa and I will be married 26 years this Wed... what a blessed man I am!

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