Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Surprising April- God is Good

April ended up being a really good month in terms of some of the things I have been focusing on.


I spend a lot of time in April getting ready for spring football. Looks like we are going to have over 80 players in grades rising 10th -rising 12th. I took the personnel we have and will be experimenting with some new concepts- very happy with all that we are looking at!


I have a lot going on- but it keeps me occupied (which is a good thing).
So far.... not having any difficulty keeping it going up daily- the key has been staying 5- 8 days ahead of publishing.

I sometimes wonder WHY I am doing it- and there is this sense that my 50th year is important to document some of my patterns. This may be something good for my children down the road.


The reason I 'wait' until April is because it is more of the new year (Nissan) and the weather is more likely to help boost the progress.

And it did pay off.

some notes about 'weight'- it is so hard to plot on a daily basis. My body can make a 4-6 lb swing just on water retention. So I have to stay very patient with the numbers.

But on April 1 I weighed in at 231.4  and was very displeased with that number. But I had a BAD Nov/Dec as far as eating goes. And it showed. I HAVE to keep from doing that!

But I ended up with a low weight of 218.6 on April 28 ( though I was 221.4 this morning).

I have a 'number' in mind for Aug 6 when I will turn 50 so I need to keep pushing!


May 18- my oldest daughter turns 21 and #2 graduates form high school...yikes!

I have been enjoying the May devotional series I am working on and super excited for the 'Summer with the Savior Series" (June-Aug).

We have a summer trip to Zion National Park, Utah.

Will begin Marathon training in Aug. for the Mercedes in Feb. 2015

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