Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keeping Track of My Crazy and Odd Days

I'm here in Guntersville, AL- a place that has become a strong draw because of it's current place as a 'Mecca' of bass fishing. And a draw of future goals and dreams....... and inspiration!

And it is the first day of a Spring I desperately needed.

I am in an interesting time- excited about what I want to accomplish this 50th

And I have the honor of being 100% convinced that I am exactly where God wants me to be and doing His work.... but at the same time- it is never where I dreamed I would be.... happy- but totally dependent on Him because I could not do this without Him.

Exhausted- but energized. Frustrated... but content. On the cusp of disaster in every decision- but totally at peace.

My job is one crazy gig.. and I am convinced that God has prepared me and provides and protects me..I wish I could write the daily evidence of how He has used me and saved spite of me.

My goal is 'Zeal -2014' and only I know what I am crying to see happen- but I am seeing it and wrestling with it. The key is a heart for people... we (I) don't love people much anymore- we (I) don't admire human beings- we don't adore the inspiration of flesh and blood- I worry it is a unintended consequence of digitizing everything.

The decay of dust and the cry for renewal....  but I have so much to be grateful for!

So what exactly am I doing?


I am reading God's Word everyday on the McCheyne reading plan and it is really good- I am including the D.A. Carson notes and making each month a separate google doc. I am sharing it with my girls as something they might enjoy having down the road and in 2015 will use the notes to write my own through the Bible in a year commentary/devotional... will re-arrange some- will split it up a little more.


Jayopsis Devotions- this has been a challenge- but fun. My goal is to have 365 devotions at the end of the year..... keeping me busy- but excited to see it on the web!

Jayopsis Football- this has been crazy! Wow! I have been joking about how hard I work on spiritual writing to get readers in the 100's and I write football stuff and get readers in the 1000's!
Look at this as an example:

I am so honored and humbled to be included in a national network of online coaches through twitter and other sites.

The Best of Jayopsis- this site has been a good way to re-package some of my more popular posts. It has given me some great connections and a new audience.


I am currently doing my 'Song for the Climb' series at Briarwood. I am so prayerful regarding this cautionary duty!

So for a break in March- I am so thankful to the Lord- He has been so good to me!

On this site- I do have a lot of drafts in the works...LOL

But my next big project on will be an exploration on attitudes toward authority and how it contributes to the corruption of our culture.

Thanks to all who encourage me in my desire to live out a transparent life in the beautiful grace of Christ. I am nothing..... He is everything.... and I am the beneficiary!


What can I say? Man! I am blessed!


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