Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Possibilities Looking into 2013

I am still praying through which direction to begin for jayopsis.com in 2013.

Maybe you have an idea or opinion?

A: I have thought about developing the series: The Best of the Bible. I have highlighted 160 passages which would be 'what your grandfather has underlined in his Bible' and devotionals based on those 'all time favorites'.

B: I have also though about a weekly study on the attributes of God using J.I. Packer's classic, "Knowing God" and the old Dan Dehaan book, "The God You Can Know".

C: Another plan in the hopper is an attempt to explain a Christian epistemology for students. How can we discern TRUTH in a mudslide of information. This would draw heavily from John Fram's book- The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God.

Love for you to leave me a comment below:

Best of the Bible

Knowing God

Finding Truth

or maybe you have another great idea.

Love to hear from you!

or email me: jayopsis@gmail.com

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