Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ultimate Loser?- Day 26-Proverbs 26

Is there a type of person who grades out lower than the low as far as the Bible is concerned?

The proverbs of Solomon have repped the idea of the person you want to avoid- and especially the type of person you DO NOT want to be. You should be so wary of this type of person, that you don't even spend much time with them for fear of developing the habits that haunt this type of person.

Avoid these at all costs:

The Fool
The Sluggard
The Liar

and sadly, some have the tendency of all three!

The Fool: no honor- will not learn even if severely disciplined- time to help them is spent in vain- not dependable- brings disaster to those who trust him- his words and wisdom is useless- will produce about the same as a drunkard in his employments- messes up over and over and over again- constant drama and extreme behavior- silly-

The Sluggard: uses any excuse, including lying, to avoid work- too lazy to even feed himself- thinks he is too smart to work-

The Liar: Likes to stir it up- covers up his lies by swearing he was 'only kidding'- whispers lies and says them boldly- hides an evil heart- smiles through his venomous lies- deeply deceptive- uses flattery to his own gain

Now you may say, "But we are to not judge and love these types of people!"

No, we must be wise- there are times when even Christ sees some as 'vipers', and 'sons of Satan', and 'white washed tombs', and 'hypocrites', and 'swine'- the admonition to not judge is an admonition to make sure you are willing to live by the standards by which you judge others.

It is OK to pray for the conversion of anyone we see as foolish or lazy or a liar- but it is also OK to withdraw from them- you do not have to be destroyed in their wake.

Now the good news: The gospel is great news even to the ultimate loser. It allows forgiveness and a new beginning- a new heart. Spiritual poverty is step #1 to being born again. To miss this is deadly.

If you reject this good news- you are the ultimate fool.
If you are unwilling to repent- you are the ultimate sluggard.
If you think you are OK/fine/good- you are the ultimate liar.

Let the Spirit rend your heart and run to the cross.... TODAY!

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