Thursday, April 07, 2011

Missing the Point- Day 7 Proverbs 7

As we read Proverbs 7- even the Chapter headings mention that this is a warning against the adulteress... again!

And it does re-state the, so far, very repeated warning about the seduction that leads to ruin- in very graphic language. The Bible mirrors real life and pulls NO punches.

But as I see how the passage begins and how it ends, I have to ask myself, are we missing another huge point here?

And I think it is this- the call of diligence to pursue wisdom and keep commands. Look at  the points of emphasis: "Keep my words", "Treasure commands", let the teaching be the 'apple of your eye', bind them, write them, call insight- at the end of the chapter- "Listen", "Be attentive"- all of this diligence will prevent the slow slide that leads to quick death.

It takes wisdom to see beyond the temptation- on the surface it seems OK- she looks attractive, she initiates the kiss, she says she has done her religious duty, she wants him, she has prepared her couch for a night of passion, the husband is safely away- and look how proverbs describes this: "with much seductive speech she persuades him"- this is why we have to have God's wisdom to see through the lure and spy the trap.

Without God's wisdom- we will not heed the warning.

So yes- four of the first 7 chapters mentions the power and problem of lust, but did you see something here?

Who is the other woman who stands opposite the seductress? What other woman is vying for our affection? Yes, we are to stay with the wife of our youth- but who is the grand lady of Proverbs that stands in stark contrast to the prostitute?

The beautiful lady and the loyal lady and the pure lady is WISDOM. Let us CLING to her!

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