Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking Christian Education Out of the Box

Been thinking a lot about our culture and what has been my long term prayer for the Christian School movement to produce culture changers and leaders in the next generation.

But I also look around and see the older generation, what we are losing, and wondering if we are training replacements.

So, I wanted today to throw out some off the cuff ideas, brainstorms, of how Christian world view training and education could be adapted in more non-traditional ways.

Out of the Box School #1
High Tech Christian Vocational Schools: We are losing skilled laborers in our country at an alarming rate. And we aren't producing much anymore. I wonder if we took the extreme technical interest our kids have and combined it with the coolest current tools- what would we create?

In my mind it goes like this:
#1 Find a unique building that is suffering in the commercial real-estate market (for some reason I think of empty Car Max lots and buildings because they look cool) and aquire it for almost nothing (see if there could be some gov't subsidy or write-off because of the educational component).

#2 Find christian men and women with high tech skills (lasers, robotics, high speed semi-conductors, chips, etc)- who would desire to train and mentor young men and women in technology and life.

#3 Develop a program that meets minimum state requirements for education (GED) but develops experience and skill in high tech tools and at the same time training them in general Biblical principles- reading, Bible, math, applied science, and technology)

#4 See what happens.

Out of the Box School #2 
Grammar, Linguistics, Language, and Editing

This one is a direct result of our post-modern loss of technical grammar and language. And because of this we are losing editors.

In this school- you focus in on linguistics and grammar.

A cool project would be to have classes that update Puritans and great reformed thinkers of the 16/17/18th century into a style that speaks to today's audience. Most of this is public domain. Could become a great publishing business.

These students would also be trained in ways to produce the Bible into native languages of unreached people groups joining Wycliff missionaries in the process.

Ok enough for now... what are your ideas?

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