Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dove Delivery System

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I had the fun opportunity to attend the filming of the 41st Annual GMA Dove Awards on Wednesday. My wife and I had a great time and enjoyed our company very well.

The show will be televised this Sunday on GMA TV around 7PM (CDT).

A couple of observations:

It was interesting to see the television capturing process. There is a lot that goes on to build video for the final edited version. Crowd shots, do-overs, and stage set-up were all allowed in what will be edited to a sleek and quick final production. The Grand Ole Opry House is a neat venue to watch it.

It is also easy for me to get critical and legalistic when it comes to music. Sure, I wish Christian music had a little more Christ focus, gospel clarity, and Scriptural foundation- but this is the case where I have to say with the apostle Paul "Whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is being proclaimed and in this I will rejoice."

I did notice that the songs performed which explicitly made bold stands about Christ, and taking the message of Jesus Christ to others received the most energetic applause.

The 'pop' songs that basically say warm fuzzies and power of positive thinking stuff was more lukewarm by the audience. But hey, I'm subject to presuppositional bias....

The bottom line was this: at the end of the night there were talented people in a category of 'Christian Music' which represented rock, pop, rap, southern gospel, black gospel, twangy country, and others all set to deliver a gospel message to any who would hear.

We should pray for these songs to be used by God's Spirit to open the eyes of unbelievers and encourage believers to live out the message of faith in Jesus Christ.

Sure, there probably are those who may be servants of mammon or self in the process....
This music may never be accepted by the Babylonian system of the city of man....
The message may be more nuanced than it needs to be...
Some believers may bristle at certain styles of music...

But we need to bear with one another and continue to hope that a new reformation will sweep the land. Lord, forgive me of my cynicism and criticism and please pour out Your Spirit on all flesh.

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