Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Important Book- DKG

Just finished a three week study of John Frame's book, The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God.
1987- P&R Publishing

It may be the most important theology book I have ever read.

I want to say first of all, how impressed I am with John Frame. He deserves to be ranked up there with the greatest of the great. He reminds me of Calvin in that you admire his humble heart more than his intellect. This is a man who loves and bears with people to the glory of God.

Secondly, though- I would love to see John Frame debate the so called anti-christian experts of today. Oh my goodness... it would be a slaughter! I imagine Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, or Christopher Hitchens coming out totally exposed in their psuedo-scientific rants and circular prejudices.

My favorite part of John Frame, however, is his ability to evaluate both christian and non-christian pre-suppositions in a fair light. The man is a genius in the application of philosophy and world-view. At the same time, though, he writes in a way to be understood.

Frame is not seeking to subdue the reader with his intellect- his goal is persuasion and change - and it shows.

I would give anything to see a generation of young people fall in love with thinking, articulation, reading, and persuasive defense of the faith and, more than defense,- a targeted offensive against the fruitless shield of post-modern speculation in which men continue to hide from a Holy God.

We need a new outpouring of God's Spirit- yes- but I get worried that we have missed the boat in Christian education as well. We build our structures on the cracked foundations of the enlightenment and continue to spin into philosophies of learning that add a lot of red tape and weary warriors.

I call on all christian educators to spend a few weeks in this book and see if your view of education is impacted.

I ask that we read it and ask ourselves honest questions regarding where we are letting the next generation down.

My last point... this book explains what my growing frustration has been with education in general these last 20 years. Not that we aren't doing good stuff... I just hate 'good' when 'great' is still in our grasp!

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