Tuesday, July 07, 2009

30th and Final Post on Romans

Thanks for putting up with my 'Run Through Romans'. This is in prep for a new class I will be teaching THIS FALL (thought it was going to be Spring) at CPA called Romans and Revelations. We will spend 9 weeks in the Book of Romans and 9 weeks in the Book of Revelation. The students will be reading, discussing, charting, reading commentaries, and even have some intro to New Testament Greek.

Both books have been part of about a 3 year study. I have 35 lessons on Revelation that will soon be a part of our church's website and hope to eventually provide the same for Romans.

I would love prayer as I seek to honor God in the teaching of His word at our school. The last 5 years have been amazing... the spiritual warfare involved in being an everyday Bible teacher at a Christian school is like nothing else I have ever encountered. It is a full frontal assault on both student and teacher. Please pray for me if you ever think about it.

In Romans 1-8 Paul presents the glorious picture and explanation of the good news of Christ. There is a righteousness that comes from God that swallows up our sin. This was accomplished by Christ and is received as a gift through faith. It is from Him, by Him, and through Him that we can find freedom and peace with God.

In Romans 9-11, Paul gives us his personal presentation- I almost see this as his sermons in the synagogues of Asia.

Finally, in Chapters 12-16- he presents a 'To Do' list that encompasses how Jewish and Gentile believers ought to be unified in their service and love in the church. These things are not to make us righteous, these things are in response to the gospel and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I listed these "To Do's" in the following way.

1) Lower your view of yourself...true Biblical humility. I no longer have to compare and compete. I am who I am because God knows me, made me, chose me, and loves me. I do not feel shame or condemnation. I am free! I see my strengths and my weaknesses.. it is who I am. True humility is not throwing aspersions at yourself.. it is not thinking less of yourself... it is thinking of yourself less. I can get out of my little self and start living.

2) Find my shape and use my gift. God made you good at something.. find it and use it for Him. The happiest people in the world are those who act in accordance with their heart desires to serve others to God's glory not worrying about what others think.

3) Love... I didn't cover this in full- but I Corinthians 13 is the checklist here. This is huge and one that I am still an infant in. But this includes enemies...Please pray that my love will not grow cold.

4) Submit... yuck. We think only kids and teens are rebellious. Hah! When an authority tells you to do something that you don't want to do... how do you feel? What do you do?

5) Live soberly and simply, in expectancy of Christ's return. Be moderate and careful... BTW- Today could be judgment day for us individually. We have to always be ready to meet our Maker.

6) Learn to choose in light of the 'weaker brother'- don't flaunt freedoms. I may come back to this down the road. This is huge... especially in the 'Christ-haunted' south.

7) Choose peace over criticism and condemnation. Seek unity with other believers.

8) Proclaim the gospel to all in word and deed. This was the sum of Paul's life.

9) Live joyous lives... have fun... embrace your circumstances and dance.

10) All of this together is........ WORSHIP

I can't say enough what this journey has been like. If you have never done it, I encourage you to go deep with a book in the Bible sometime. Read it several times. Pray. Begin reading good commentaries, articles, and listening to sermons on that Book.There are more good (and bad) resources on the web that ever before in history. Remember that I recommend the info at www.monergism.com. Chart it and start taking notes. Then start at the beginning and begin applying it to your life.

When you finish- you will be amazed at the growth. God's Word is that good!

As you may know football is fast approaching- between teaching and coaching my life gets super crazy. I will post as time allows, but today I am already going to start on our 7 on 7 playbook for July. Will see you down the road... Soli Deo Gloria!

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