Wednesday, July 08, 2009

7 Lbs is Too Heavy a Load for a Man- Re-post

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With the DVD out in mass right now, I wanted to re-visit my thoughts on the Will Smith movie.
The original post was 12/30/08

'Went to the 10 PM showing of "7 Pounds" with my oldest daughter and good friend, Ron Smith.

Stayed awake...

Came home thinking about penance, mistakes, and the problem of evil, which is a bigger problem with the absence of God.

I know, I know.... it's only a movie.

(This will contain spoilers)

When a person makes a tragic mistake, you have to keep the sovereignty of God in the picture. God can bear the weight of tragedy. We do make mistakes, but He allows them. And He controls them. He can even make our mistakes work for good (Rom 8:28)

Though we are forgiven, we still experience consequences, even major life changes- years of pain and regret.

But the message of hope in God is that we do not have to do penance. We cannot pay for our debt ourselves. We can't give marrow, and liver, and heart, and money, and eyes and undo the damage or mistakes.

And self-murder is never an answer...... a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Will Smith's character goes looking for those who deserve his gifts. He looks for 'good' people.

The gospel of grace is so much better- it says we do not have to be worthy or good to receive the gift.

In the end, the main character breaks under the weight of the regret- giving his life so that others may live. It is a noble task... one that the Bible recognizes.

"One may die for a good man"

But again the gospel is better..... "But God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"

In the end... the problem of pain exists whether we put God in the story or not. It is an easier weight to carry when He is present. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Christ has borne the load already.

Do you really believe that God can bear the weight of your mistakes?

Another empty tale, another Hollywood moment, another unnecessary sex scene..... (ever experience sitting next to your 15 year old daughter in those moments?)

We did have a good chat on the way home...

Clever movie- it had post-modern multiple layers of 7 pounds. And the number 7 is a very significant Biblical number. I also think of Shylock and the 'pound of flesh'.

I am off to bed now, thanking God for the gift of forgiveness...
and I do promise to not text and drive.

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