Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reaching Post Moderns and Saving Myself

I have really been enjoying an online education to the post modern pop culture and strategies for outreach.

One of the basic ideas behind post-modernism is that all meaning and values come from a personal construct. In this view, there is no such thing as universal truth. Each culture and each individual develops personal meaning and all views are valid. Each person lives in their own world and no one can really say that that world is in error.

It is a fruit of modernism's blast against the traditional world view- the grand canopy of Judeo-Christian life- that guided and guarded our forefathers in Europe and America. The blow against the canopy cracked many of our foundational beliefs. This has led to a gradual fragmentation.

Reaching these post modernists means stepping into their world. I need to experience their world. That is why media plays such a big role. A movie changes my landscape and takes me to a new world with new thoughts- a current popular song challenges me to think in another's shoes.

My journey to Christ at times seems to draw me away from this popular culture. As I grow in him, I am less satisfied. There seems to be no good songs, no good shows, no good reads ... and I grow weary of bearing the mediocrity. But I cannot lose touch or I lose opportunity.

I am not as close to my students and players as I used to be- I am getting more square everyday- I need to spend more time in their world.. not because I enjoy it, but because I love them.

In this new age, it isn't about winning an argument- it is about loving a soul. They don't need my philosophy, but they do need my Jesus.

There will be a time to speak the truth in love and I need to be opportunistic and prepared.

Lord, I have really enjoyed my time with my team this spring- it is saving me... from becoming insignificant.

I press on. I press on toward them.

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