Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Dark Side of Post-Modernism

So... I am way behind the times- but I just saw this weekend the 1999 movie "Fight Club" as a suggestion in researching post modern cinema. Wow- what an experience.

It was a clever movie that mixed many of the elements of post modern pragmatism, including an attack on consumerism and the juxtapositioning of reality and the absurd.

In the end, though, it unearthed the dark side of post modern thinking. If we all are free from from judging personal constructs, then what prevents destruction and violence? Why was it even imprtant that no one was killed in the final destruction? Why was it important to keep the club rules? Why the devotion? What did anything matter?

To cut loose from God means a continually moving randomness without compass in a cold chill of nothingness. And that randomness will almost always turn nasty and mean.

I stepped inside that dark world and looked around. I will still rest under my canopy of the Lord Jesus.. the Logos, Savior, Creator, and Friend!

I am sad for those trapped in their free, personal Hells without Him!

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