Monday, April 24, 2006

Jesus Encounters I

Applications of John 3:1-20

Difficulty in teaching from the gospels
John is well suited for “snapshot” approach- ICONS
Difficulty in the familiarity of text
Beneath the dialogue
Post-encounter experience

Nicodemus: A Teacher in Darkness

Religious leader- “expert” coming at night- opening title “Master”
#1- Nicodemus is unsettled
#2- Sincerity in seeking
#3-Calculating but Insecure- does not believe enough to risk
Blind to the information

Jesus: The Teacher of Light
A Master Teacher
Abruptness shows wisdom and supernatural knowledge- no questions
Uses Nicodemus’ own words and phrases
Common human experiences: birth, wind, OT story, light and darkness – metaphors – true but are types or images- Vs 12- “spoken of earthly things, heavenly things”

Common shared knowledge- Allusions
Son of Man- link to the Messiah
Moses and the Snake -Crucifixion- link to OT as a type and symbol
Gave His one and only son- Abraham and Isaac

Do you see the difference? We teach from what we know and see
You are teaching what you do not know and you can not see
And you reject us?

Jesus: The Glorious Message of Good News
You can see the Kingdom of God- but you must be changed
This is a work of God’s spirit- not of this world
You do not have this transformation- no knowledge and no testimony
This transformation or conversion involves belief/ trust
God is the giver of this gift- love is a motive
Whoever believes in God’s son has eternal life
There is condemnation in rejection of God’s plan
A couple of interesting - fun questions/ notes

1-Is this the whole conversation- was there an official intro? How did conversation end?
Do we come in after intros and small talk? Was he acting alone or was he representing the ruling council?

2-Tone of Jesus-
Biting question- “”You are Israel’s teacher and do not understand these things?”
What is the tone or expression? Wryness? Exasperation? Matter of fact? Compassionate?

3-What does it mean to believe?

4-Jesus’ use of third person- “this story is developing…watch and learn”
“My time has not yet come”
“Tell no one”

5-At the end analogy of light and darkness- think of the setting

Transformation of Nicodemus
John 7:50-
John 19:39-


Am I Nicodemus? Unsettled? No sin in asking that question
II Timothy 3:1-9- Run to Jesus -Simplicity of His message

Have I been born again?

Love God- He has shown love to us

Come into the light- identify yourself with the Savior- Stand with Him- Bring others into the light

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