Wednesday, December 29, 2021 2021 Summary and 2022 Plans


It was another interesting year for my blog writing.

A quick run down of 2021:

Total all-time page views as of 12/29/21 403,588

Most read post of 2021: The Rewards of Real Risk in High School Fishing  922 page views

2nd most read post of 2021The Rock Cross Club 492 page views

It wasn't a great year for writing.... any year that I write less than 40 posts... that is a down year.

Part of the issue is that I have put a lot of time into the development of "Winning Edges" and that will show growth in 2022.

As I begin to plan 2022, I would appreciate prayer. The last 2 years have been really tough mentally, physically, financially, emotionally.... some of it Covid related and some of it is just big life changes (weddings, the loss of my dad, etc).

The word I seem to be considering in January is "Recovery".... but time will tell.

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