Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hollow Men with Heavy Hatchets

"To the man with a hammer, everything is a nail" often attributed to Abraham Kaplan.

"The English expression "a Birmingham screwdriver," meaning a hammer, refers to the practice of using the one tool for all purposes, and predates Kaplan by at least a century.

In 1868, a London periodical, Once a Week, contained this observation: 'Give a boy a hammer and chisel; show him how to use them; at once he begins to hack the doorposts, to take off the corners of shutter and window frames, until you teach him a better use for them, and how to keep his activity within bounds.' (wiki)

Hollow men with heavy hatchets
swing away, chop away, hack away

They pound with the power of judgement
and it must feel so cleansing to cut out the carnage of sin

That's what hatches do
They break, and maim, and remove
leaving chips, scars, jagged edges, and uneven stumps.

A heavy hatchet is easy and makes the work quite quick.
And if no cleanup is required, it is even entertaining at times.
Though nurses have to close up after the precision of the surgeon's scalpel,
A hatchet man just swings and walks away.

The best hatchet men block out the noise
and take no note of the wails of pain.
The glory is in the power to cut.
A weaker mortal may cringe at such a moment,
but not a hollow hatchet man,
His courage is in this blade.

Hollow men with heavy hatchets are always dead right
And they clean up so well.
They speak with the sobriety of sages,
But cut with the drunkenness of fools.
The hollow man with a heavy hatchet sleeps well at night,
As long as his back was strong and his blows were hard.

Hollow men with heavy hatchets band together
A fraternity with a common lust for blood.
And they dream of more efficient power,
A guillotine perhaps for the masses?

"When heads roll
Men are reined in vicariously
And the whisper campaigns never rise to revolution."

Hollow men with heavy hatchets, swing away
They do their job so well.
And there is always eternal need
to swing that hard in hell.

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