Saturday, November 21, 2015

Times Infinity

My guess is that you will see MANY posts, shares, quotes- regarding Thanksgiving this week.

In our information Tsunami culture, these things pop up and drop away... about as long as a tweet and for the most part, they skip off in the midst of clicks and are soon forgotten.

This post will be no different. Maybe it is read by 8 or 10, maybe a like, maybe a share... but it is also fun to think that this may be read by someone in China or India... maybe you clicked on this by mistake, perhaps you are reading this 3 years after I am writing this.

Regardless, what I am writing will be a true then as it is today... and it as true in the east as it is in the west. It is true regardless of race or social status... male or female... young or old.


I went running this morning and decided for the entire length of the run, I was going to think about all the things in my life I need to be thankful for... I was only a mile in when it hit me.... this number is INFINITY!

Each item I brought up introduced an entire category that led to other universes of blessings and gifts....

It wasn't long that my prayer to God was, "Lord, forgive me for the unlimited number of things in my life I just take for granted" and in His grace and knowledge of my heart, He understands.

So the process went something like this... "I'm thankful I have a mind to think... health to run.. this amazing day, the beauty of Your creation... the hope I have in my life because of the death and resurrection of Jesus... thankful to know that...thankful for the amazing machine you have given me in my body- it's ability to be broken, torn, infected...but regenerates and heals and fights disease.. I can see, hear, taste, touch, ..beautiful colors and enjoyable music brings back amazing memories... thank you for this song from Journey... reminds me of the summer of 1981 in my 1975 Camaro- thank-you that I had those days and that time... the sacrifice of my parents..thank-you for my mom and family.. how can I begin to thank you for the beautiful people in my life!..I can't count them all... most of all my wife and children...what a joy!.. Lord thank you for your Word..I could go verse by verse and thank-you for all 66 books! home, my job, where I live, my church... and what about even the dark times in my life? I can thank you for leading me through those times... and all of the great times..I have a car.. I have access to gas, groceries, medication, I have heat, clothes, I have enough stability and peace that I can travel, fish, I have freedom.... "

Now, if you go back and look at that list...everything is like an ICON- you pick it and begin to drill down..and it is like a universe in itself...

I'm going to pick one at random...

Ok how about ... "my body"

I breathe, walk, run, eat, sleep without discomfort..I'm blessed to not have to be on medication.. I have balance, coordination, I can communicate, I can lift, hold things, I had a terrible cold last week and no energy..but now I am showing almost full healing, I have scars on my body that is proof that it can heal, I have had broken bones that are now healed, 2 knee surgeries, but it didn't prevent me from running two marathons, I had my gall bladder removed, but I show no negative effects from that.. the engineering just in my hand is incomprehensible!

and when I was younger, I had enough speed and strength to enjoy sports, played football, was a starting Qb, played college ball- was able to play, run, jump, climb...and think about how many times my body was able to deliver me from harm- I have run away from dogs, jumped out of the way of a moving car, 

Now drill down from there... pick let's say 'football'

thankful that I didn't quit after that 1st day of practice in 2nd grade... for my coaches, for success, for the team mates and principles I learned, for all the parents who worked to provide uniforms, fields, equipment, concessions... referees and opponents, all the training I received. Wahouma football, Banks football, Alabama football..all the memories, the games, the team, the cheerleaders and band, the crowd, the media, - the legacy and tradition of football in Alabama,  the privilege I had to coach, to experience winning, winning state titles, becoming a head coach and my great memories about those days, my staff, being able to enjoy watching college football, go to games.....all the great games I have either seen or been a part of....

Have I bored you yet?

Now, ALL of THAT is from God... He has been so good to me!


Why will heaven last forever? It may take long to enjoy getting to know God and to personally thank Him for all He has given me!

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