Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Mercedes Marathon- 2015

When I finished the Music City Marathon in 2011 (Link: Music City Miracle), I knew I wanted to do at least 1 more.

I finished that goal by running in the Mercedes Marathon this past weekend as a 'bucket list' challenge: I wanted to run a marathon at age 50.


The biggest challenge of a marathon is the commitment to train. I basically did a 26 week running schedule- the toughest part being right in the middle of football season!

AND- I had my gall bladder removed about 10 days before my training was supposed to start! I hope my surgeon does not read this... she would not be happy that I was at football practice 2 days after surgery and began slow jogging just 10 days later.

Lisa was a huge help through Sept and Oct- because we often were starting the 7 and 8 mile mid-week runs at 4:40 AM!

And we had a tough football season- so most of my fall long runs on Saturdays was sad. We did have some great moments including a 12 mile run in Tuscaloosa during the Alabama- Texas A&M game and a 18 mile run at Chief Ladiga Trail- running from Piedmont through Jacksonville, AL.

I laugh because I said I wanted to run a 1/2 and a full as a goal only to realize that I ran 11 half marathons (or more)!

My hardest pre-marathon run was a 24.5 killer at my usual long site: this is for my notes but I ran the Mtn Brook Jemison loop 3 times and did the entire Homewood greenbelt.... I was dying!


I made a decision to train in 'neutral Nikes' (pictured above). The lady at Track Shack was shocked that I was running roads in trail shoes...but I had not 1 single injury during the entire time. My favorite shoe was the Terra Kiger- but I ran the Race (started) in Pegasus. All in all I ran through 4 pair of shoes!

Again- thankful to be injury free for the entire process!

I used map my run- but again GPS is off of a real road race. For example - my 24.5 run may have only been 22.5.

Long Running Musts:
water and re-hydrate or sports drink
Gu or I liked Laura Bars
Body Glide
Hat/sunglasses/ear buds
better trim toenails!


I would be remiss if I didn't mention how Emergen-C and Advocare Spark and Rehydrate helped me during my runs and in my recovery.

These items became very important to me in terms of supplementing my water throughout my weeks of training.

Ernie Conwell introduced me to Emergen-C in 2006 or 2007 and it has become a staple for me. I believe I am a much healthier person because of it.

Meredith Fitzpatrick was kind enough to suggest Spark and Rehydrate to me. I ended up liking Rehydrate better because it didn't have caffeine. But I know that when I drank a water bottle with rehydrate in it around mile 13 on my long training runs, I noticed it took longer for me to 'hit the wall' and I never experienced severe cramping.

Always thankful for the good people God sends my way to help me out!


Could not have been worse- I had a tough December- then I was sick almost all January! I coughed for 3 weeks!

The Friday before was one of my worst days at work ever
Saturday night, I chaperoned the school dance in the rain

I went to bed Sat night at 12:30- calves tired- and stressed! As I fought to sleep my thought was "I am in big trouble".


Mid week as 19 degrees- weekend rain- so to get to run in 50 degree slight mist was a pure blessing!


I enjoyed it- I like the route and 2 laps is fine. I really feel I might have broken 5 hours had I not stepped in a big puddle around mile 8! I just did not see it and stepped right in it!

By mile 13 I could tell my left foot was getting raw.

I called my wife and she brought the dry shoes and socks I had packed. We swapped out at Railroad Park- but I lost 3 or 4 minutes in the process. Had I not changed though... I would not have finished.

I feel very blessed to do this- I am now retired from Marathons!

Here are My stats 2011 and 2015


MUSIC CITY 2011                         MERCEDES 2015

FINISH: 5:12:53                                 FINISH: 5:13:39
PACE:11:56                                      PACE: 11:59
5K- 32:27                                           5K- 
10K:1:06:41                                      10K- 1:04:55
HALF: 2:21:34                                   HALF 2:19:37
20 MI: 3:43:59
OVERALL: 2918 OUT OF 4082         705 out of 850?
DIVISION: 185 OUT OF 240              73 (50 YEARS OLD) out of 81
GENDER: 1727 OUT OF 2249           472 out of 575?

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