Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fast September

Gracious... 2014 is a blur...

Tempus fugit...time flies.. and right now it is at warp speed 7.

The marathon training is on schedule and I am relatively pain and injury free. The early morning runs have not been my favorite- but it is the only time I can do it.

I finished my last run of Sept this morning.. hated it because I woke up a full 20 minutes early.. and we hit the road at 4:45... dark and coolish..... 7 miles..which is the longest early morning run I am going to do..no time to stretch it until 8.

I don't think I have ever had a September over 100 miles...football is full swing... crazy! I am crazy!

Football hasn't been easy....

On a fun note- the Monday night JV games have been great- we are 5-0 and it is a fun group to be with.

Varsity has struggled..in some ways we knew that this schedule and season was going to be tough each week and we are 2-1 in region play.

When momentum is good and wins are multiplying... the lubricants of a team run smooth. Most issues fade away into the happiness of winning.

But when you are struggling..all the other things.. relationships, trust, confidence aren't as fluid as they need to be.

This Friday night is one of those crossroad games- if we go into it a little healthier, a little more confident, a little more trusting, wiser... we can have a big win and get on a roll to some victories.

But just a little less in those areas- and we could be behind the 8 ball.

I am learning a lot in the midst of all this.

It is a lot to ask of a 16,17, or 18 year old..... but that is part of what the game is meant to teach. Sometimes the lessons are positive... but the game teaches.... no matter what. The game mirrors life.

I finished my Sept. devotionals.... just trying to finish strong at this point.

When this year is done, I will know I put a lot into some big goals... difficult goals..

and so far I am staying the course..

God is good- and only by His grace I am not put to ruin.......

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