Monday, September 01, 2014

August 2014: Fifty- Football- and a Lot of Fun

It was hard to believe I turned 50 on Aug 6.

And it was quite a birthday!

I had my gall bladder removed on Aug 5- and did very little as Melissa moved to Alabama on Aug 8!

But over-all, I feel so blessed.

Started my 25th year of coaching football- BCS is celebrating 50 years- so all of these are fun things.

So leave it to me to add 1 more thing to my plate- I started training on Aug 24 for the Mercedes Marathon.

My last week of August- I ran 26.44 miles and actually feel good.

You can see that Aug 4- 12, I was pretty much out of commission from the gall bladder.

I am also getting my boating license after getting stewardship of 2 bass boats!

Look for these to be on the water soon!

By the numbers: August page views site: 2,145 views
Best of Jayopsis: 22
Devotions: 67
Football: 545
Bear Bryant page: 241

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