Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 38,414

Words cannot capture how different this has all been and no earthly experience captures the sights, sounds, smells, excitement, peace, and boundless bliss.

Indeed- how dark a shadow it was.

So how can I communicate the continuous upward climb of the inexpressible fulfillment? Love, relationships, adventure, and freshness without an end or even a faint hint of diminishing return.

I still am baffled that I can count the days- that it is tangible- that I experience it in body and concrete memories- who would have imagined?

So today was still a shock. I heard my new name... the one that only He had for me. I quickly turned and the transcendent presence was now immanent.

I smiled with excitement, "RABBONI"!

"Come, it is time to show you something."

And we flew. Dodging and dancing with speed and elegance. It was like children in a game of chase.

It was work, but not tiring. It was supersonic, yet balanced. And we screeched to a blistering stop.

He pointed to a dusty cluster in the distance.

"There is another time and place. That will be the next time we see one another like this. And there are some I am excited for you to see." His voice flooded my heart and I smiled so hard it almost hurt.

"But here is what I planned for today."

At that moment, he held a small globe in his hand and playfully tossed it to me.

It didn't take long for me to realize what it appeared to me.

"The earth?" I asked.

"No.... an earth. The old has passed away- this is brand new and it is all yours."

"No my Lord, please, this is not mine- I....."

"No, my son, all I was given is now for my children."

I bowed low, so adoring of the Lord of the Universe.

He never prevented my worship and I felt His pleasure.

He voiced my private name again- it was good to hear it straight from His lips.

"Let me show you how it works!"

I am not going to be able to explain this in my reality. But basically, it was a world- the same size as my home planet in the Old World. I could hold it small, but with just a thought I could zoom it to full size.

"My Lord and My God- what am I to do?"

"Enjoy it... he laughed out loud."

"It is a present forever- invite loved ones, explore, stay 1,000 years or leave it for 10,000 years- whether you come or go- it is all yours and part of My inheritance. This is how it should be. No more curse."

"What Lord is THAT?"I was mow pointing at a beautiful body of amazing water along the northern hemisphere of the Americas."

He got strangely sober and quiet. "It used to be called Hudson Bay.... But you may name it anything you like. Go to it."

"I never noticed it in my old life."

"You knew about it, but it was never a part of your experience. Now you have time to experience it all in its purest form."

"I will send a messenger for you to herald invitations- you will soon have many dear friends to join you."

I began to weep. He wiped away the tears.

"Thank-you, Rabboni."

He hugged me and was suddenly a transcendent presence once again.

I dove hard down toward the Atlantic and sent a cannon ball splash almost a quarter mile high!

The water was not salty... it was perfectly fresh, cold, and full of flavor.

It was teeming with life and wind and natural music.

I prayed a quiet prayer to Him.

Thank you, Oh Lamb of God.

I was on my way to the Hudson Bay.......

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