Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Real Hope and Change

OK, OK- I am getting a little more equipped to send my oldest to college. It has taken more than the average amount of prayer and late night sessions with the Lord.

It is remarkable though how often I hear these little tunes in my head:

I wanna go back and do it all over but I can't go back I know.......

If I could turn back time...If I could find a way....
So how am I doing it?
I am becoming more intentional in the present and more expectant of the future.

All I have is today. All I have is now. Am I using it in ways that will lessen regret?

I need to know that I have shown a willingness to love, to listen, to engage, to serve.
And I need to be thankful- I have a great girl and our time has been beautiful.
And, Lord willing, there will be much more- in quantity and quality.

And a much bigger hope is in the future.

My wife put up some baby pictures on the wall yesterday and I just stared. And those tunes started up again.

And then I thought- "One day, the Lord will say 'NO MORE DELAY' and it will all be made BETTER THAN OK." And that is our hope.

What are the alternatives? How can they live without Jesus?

So I have a heart today that rejoices in the fall sunshine and the spectacular blue and my heart cries out: Thank you O my King- O my Father- O my love- You have us in mind and our hope in You is good.

So I can't rewind and there is no need to fast forward.
I just step and pray into today.........

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