Thursday, September 02, 2010

Change and Big MO

Been too crazy to post. The start-up of any football season is nuts.

It has been tougher this year than any of my previous 19.

Part of it was that we re-designed the offense to better accommodate our personnel- this is what high school coaches have to do from time to time. We made adjustments in language- formations- communication- protections- so it was like starting all over. The change has been beneficial- the question will be if it is just a 1 year change or not.

We also completely re-did the kicking game. That  has been our biggest improvement. It needed new energy and new emphasis. Hidden yardage is our new battle cry.

And there were late and crazy changes to our staff. We are coaching this season with 2 guys who have never coached football... ever. One in middle school and one on varsity...and they are doing well. But we were without 2 coaches in the first week of camp and I was coaching every position in a new system.

We are building a new high school- so the daily construction issues were an unexpected thorn. We lost water- we lost part of our practice field - and took long walks to get back and forth everywhere. I called it the 'price of progress'.

We are young- we have 12 players who 'start' that are freshmen and sophomores (2 freshmen- 10 sophomores with 6 of those being linemen). That will keep you up at night.

So- it is so interesting- I have never worked harder and never had so many 'loose ends'- but I feel good. I'm running nearly every morning at 5AM with my wife and actually enjoying it. I'm keeping my weight under 200 lbs, though I'm trying to break it with stress eating. And the little attacks of the enemy to produce doubt or dissension haven't taken root.

And we are 2-0. Funny because in some ways we have played MUCH better than last season and in some ways worse. Alas, football is a funny game.

This week is huge. If we could get East Lit at our place- we start 3-0 for only the 3rd time in school history and we will be on a roll. I cannot put into words how much I want this one- but I also know that none of these games are easy... East Lit is a very quality opponent and it looks like they are better than last season- but so are we.

I'm taking the Qb's to see the Titans tonight (pre-season vs the Saints) we are going to look at coverages and concepts..have fun.

But I doubt I will sleep tonight.... the churning is growing. We are on the verge of some BIG MO.

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