Monday, February 08, 2010

What the Super Bowl Tells Us About America

I feel a little bit of post-football blues. It's over (except year round on NFL network) until late summer.

The Super Bowl runs 1 year behind my age which, now that I am in my 40's, each year it helps me remember whether I am 44, 45, or 46.

What did last night tell me about us?

1) We love underdog- comeback stories. The 'Aints' are Kings of the World. Not even Katrina could keep them down. I admire that. Those are good ones. I predicted a Colts blowout and the Saints proved the biggest "WHO DAT" yet.

2) We tend to enjoy the silver spoon, to good to be true, established man to go down. As good and right as it is to cheer the underdog, I grieve a little at the venom at Peyton Manning. I don't cry for him, even though I believe he is misunderstood and mis-characterized. He really hurt this morning, he hurt really deep. all of his work came up short. But I bet he will find the will to go one more time.

3) The humor in our country is warped and old. It seems like every commercial used shock, sex, or slap stick. When the little horse and little steer Budweiser commercial came on, my daughter said, "Finally, a decent commercial".

4) I like that we are including God Bless America along with the National Anthem. It is a great song and I love the support we show our troops.

5) I love football- last night was a good game. We have a good product on the field now- it is fast and fun- offenses and defenses are amazing AND with wide screen formats, we are seeing more of the LB/ secondary play.

6) My friend, Ernie Conwell who won a Superbowl with the Rams (sorry Titans fans), tells about the players in the locker room after the win. The celebration was going on and he noticed that the players who did not know the Lord almost looked shocked.... "This is it?" "Why is it so unfulfilling?" People who know the Lord know why..... Only the Creator can fill up those longings and even then, it will not be until the New Heaven and Earth is put in place.

On to Basketball!

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