Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Real Spring "Break"

It's now Wednesday of Spring Break and I am recovering from a bad break on Monday. My wife and 2 of my girls decided for a quick stop at a State Park for a 10-15 minute hike on a beautiful spring Tennessee afternoon.

About 10 minutes up the trail I could hear my car alarm going off and feared the worst. I hustled back and found my drivers side window smashed and to my dismay discovered that I was a victim of theft.

A very kind man had heard the alarm and chased away two men who sped off in a car. He called the police for me and a park ranger arrived very shortly after his call.

The criminals got just enough to make it a difficult loss for us. They got my wallet (drivers liscense, bank card, credit cards, business contacts, and 150.00 cash)- my wife's purse (wallet, cards, cash). And a broken front window.

I am thankful to have insurance, but it will still be a loss. Depending on how we file it, we will lose. Auto coverage will be a loss of 100.00 deductable, and homeowners (for stolen items) is a 500.00 deductible.

Then there is the loss of time. It has been a headache cancelling credit cards, re-ordering driver's liscenses, having to monitor accounts.

And the loss of innocence. My 8 year old especially was hurt. She slept with us that night. These thugs have all of my personal information and your mind wanders as to what they will do with it.

These types of random crime seem to be growing. A lot of it is tied directly to the scourge of rampant drug addiction that is slowly sucking the life out of our country.

I must admit that I am having a hard time thinking of anything but destruction for these hoods. I prayed all day that the Lord would make their life miserable.

Does anyone want to argue that man is not corrupt?

So I agree with the bumpersticker- "Losing faith in humanity: One human being at a time"

So I pick up the pieces and move forward and pray that things could be different. This world needs the Lord.

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