Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Dilemma of Absolutes

If I say there are no absolutes then I am admitting an absolute.

But I cannot absolutely be certain or uncertain. If I absolutely say that there is no god, I hold myself as unlimited in experience and knowledge of the whole universe.

If I absolutely say that I cannot be absolutely sure that one cannot know if God is there, then I hold myself up as an expert of all of the evidence for the existence of god.

I have a big problem: I have no absolute knowledge within myself. Yet I cannot make any statement that wipes away the existence of absolutes.

Who can set me free from this dilemma?

God, who exists, has revealed Himself in space and time and history. He is my absolute! My trust in Him gives me the ability to proclaim absoluteness without all the exhaustive evidence.

Whew! That was a relief. Now, I just need to find out what has He said.

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