Friday, August 26, 2005

The Significant Insignificance

Help from: Malcolm Muggeridge on 'Is There a God?"

"What living God? A being with whom one has a relationship, on the one hand, inconceivably more personal than the most intimate human one, to the point that, as we are told, God has actually counted the hairs of each head; on the other, so remote that in order to establish a valid relationship at all, it is necessary to die, to murder one's own flesh with the utmost ferocity, and batter down one's ego as one might a deadly snake, a cobra which has lifted its hooded head with darting forked tongue, to sting."

It is interesting that God can be so close, but entering into that relationship is so costly. How costly? Look at the cross.

"What can be said with certainty is that, once the confrontation (no longer hiding from God) has been experienced—the rocky summit climbed, the interminable desert crossed—an unimaginably delectable vista presents itself, so vast, so luminous, so enchanting, that the small ecstasies of human love, and the small satisfactions of human achievement, by comparison pale into insignificance. Out of tactical despair comes an overwhelming strategic happiness, enfolded in which one is made aware that every aspect of the universe, from a tiny grain of sand to the light-years which measure its immeasurable dimensions, from the minutes" single living cell to the most complex human organism, are ultimately related, all deserving of reverence and respect; all shining, like glow-worms, with an intrinsic light, and, at the same time, caught in an all-encompassing radiance, like dust in a sunbeam."

The greatest irony is that what I do is so insignificant. Is there anything more forgettable than a football game? But it is a significant insignificance because my God is there. He uses every block and tackle to forge stories and characrer for His glory. Lord, just help me to walk faithfully, especially when times are tough.

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