Monday, August 29, 2005

Big Week- Pressure's ON

We have a big rival this week and desperately need a win. It is a TV game, a region game, a big,big game.

I already feel it and it is just Monday morning. I will not sleep much this week. I have the plays flicker in my brain. My wife will tell me she talked to me, but I did not even register.

Physically, I feel a little nauseus after eating and I get muscle tension in my back. I got up and ran this morning, it does help.

We can beat this team, I just hope my players believe they can.

I have scheduled a good week of practice and we will have a good plan- hurricane Katrina will interrupt us at some point.

This is where I really depend on my Savior, He will carry me through.

Sometimes I wonder if this is worth it- but this is the nature of competition- preparations for battle.

I heard a sad quote yesterday- "God is just an imaginary friend for grown-ups". He will show-up one day and the non-believers will be filled with awe. How about today, Lord?

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